About Me

Hi, thank you for your interest in hypnotherapy and what it is I do,  my name is Marc Bishop, and my journey into hypnosis and hypnotherapy began way back in 1999.
Before we begin I think it’s important to understand who I am.  So this page is all about me. At 13 years of age and with all the worldly wisdom I then possessed I began smoking. My New 4inch friends were magical, they had given me status, impressed the girls, satisfied the rebellious streak that all teenagers have, my new friends, encouraged me to tell lies to my parents, Saturday nights were a favourite, I would come home from a night out with school mates, reeking of tobacco smoke I could protest my innocence straight-faced, and with much sincerity “No dad, it wasn’t me dad, I was just holding it for my mate”.

The little white sticks followed me into the Army, a couple of tours in Northern Ireland, Germany, Canada and the United States, they were never very far away, my brand loyalty was absolute. Initially Players number 6, then Marlborough, finally settling on Camel filter, because they were the “healthy ones”. For a time I tried a pipe, I looked ridiculous, so back to my little white friends, I supplemented my habit with cigars, and I don’t mean the occasional castella, I am talking the big ones, this was a habit I picked up while working in South America. Two weddings, my children’s, birth and the death of my grandparents, divorce, they followed me everywhere and cost me a fortune.

Then I tried to stop smoking, the frustration anguish and expense that idea cost me, It was a constant merry go round of mints, the latest gimmick, then small cigars, rollups and back on the tailor-made. Normally followed by a period of self-loathing because of my failure to rid myself of the little white 4inch friend.

The beginning of my catharsis was however pure accident, the latest craze for smoking cessation (that’s the technical term) was acupuncture, I hadn’t tried it, so I had made an appointment with the local acupuncture clinic, I was halfway through one of my many packets of mints and explaining to a Chinese gentleman that I wanted to stop smoking, his English was limited, my Chinese, non-existent he wanted £35.00, I wanted to know what he was going to do. The conversation deteriorated, I threw all my toys out of the pram and went for a coffee, and the obligatory cigarette.

Now, this was to be the most important ten minutes of my life, Some minutes later a woman who had been patiently waiting her turn to see the acupuncturist came over to where I was sitting, staring at my coffee and quite bluntly said: “if you really do want to stop smoking, give this guy a call”, and passed me a business card, the first word I saw was, “hypnotherapist”.

Now my immediate thought was that I might end up naked, and singing like Elvis Presley in the middle of Tesco’s car park. But desperate men do desperate things, this was back in 1998, a phone call, an appointment, a train journey into London, and that’s when it happened. I won’t go into the mechanics, that I will explain later but two hours later I walked out of his office and away from a 40 a day habit, hand on heart I have not touched one since and I’m not that interested in polo mints either.

Moving on, eighteen months later I was in London, with time to spare, and I was in one of my favourite places, mooching through the second-hand book shops on the Charring Cross Road, I have always been an avid reader. I came across a book about Hypnosis in therapy, and curiosity got the better of me.
Between the covers of that book, some of the questions about what had happened to me eighteen months earlier were answered, but many more were asked, Hypnosis as a subject developed a fascination for me, so I began to read more and more.
Move on to 2000 I was 44 years old and wanted a change of direction. I found a college in Cardiff that ran residential training courses for mature students, so I was off back to school.
I qualified as a clinical Therapist in 2001 and began to build a private practice. it wasn’t easy but it was personally very rewarding, I was able to bring about changes in peoples emotional and physical well being, with a simple and uncomplicated process that when used ethically and with sincerity can bring about the most profound changes. For the next fifteen years, I learned to understand more about how events that we have no control over can be destructive and debilitating, how our personal beliefs reinforce negative behaviour and that change can happen, but only when you are ready, that you want a change to happen, and that you will use the change for your own personal benefit.
Some examples of what I have been able to achieve for people using hypnotherapy.
A recovered sense of smell caused by antidepressant medication.
Pain management roadside following the traumatic loss of a left foot.
Sexual abuse from childhood by a parent.
Addictive behaviour, Smoking, Eating, Gambling, some narcotics. Alcohol dependence requires complex and multi-discipline interventions. Hypnotherapy can assist with part of the recovery
PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
Phobias, these are many and varied, Pigeons, buttons, dolls, lifts, beards, even bald heads. Remember for those who understand no explanation is necessary, but for those who don’t understand no explanation will suffice.
Anyone wanting to know more about hypnosis, hypnotherapy or me, Please ask you can call text or email.