Hypnotherapy home visits.

There are some issues and personal circumstances which limit a person’s choices, and 121 hypnotherapy aims to provide help where and when it is needed.

So, if you are unable to travel or leave home, take advantage of a home visit


There are additional charges for hypnotherapy home visits. These are estimated according to journey times:
£15 charge will be applied to normal rates for a journey up to 20 minutes from Calne.
I will always provide an estimate prior to the first consultation and that will be set for any follow-up visits.

Why do I charge a home visit fee? The majority of the travelling fee takes into account the travelling time such as the outward and return journey back so a 20-minute outward journey requires an extra hour being allocated in my diary to allow for potential traffic delays, this and fuel costs.


Any home visit will require pre-payment by Bank debit /credit card or PayPal payment can also be made via my website in advance. I will provide a link


Ideally, a quiet, area in your home would be suitable, but not essential.
Noise distractions such as Telephones TV radios. it would be helpful if they are turned off or muted.
Being able to sit in a comfortable chair. Some clients like to lie down on their settee or sofa or use a reclining chair.