Becoming a non smoker, is closer than you think.

Every week hypnotherapists up and down the country help smokers to walk away from their smoking habit with no withdrawal or cravings.

If you have ever considered giving up let me demonstrate just how close you are to becoming a non-smoker, you may be closer to that goal than you think.

If you are an average twenty a day smoker and it takes four minutes to smoke a cigarette then your time spent smoking is one hour and twenty minutes.

Now unless you finish your cigarette in one long continuous inhale, it will spend some time between your fingers, hanging from the corner of your mouth or resting in an ashtray. So being generous you only actually smoke for thirty minutes. Now bearing in mind there are 1,440 minutes in any given day that’s just 2.5 per cent of your day. So thirty minutes a day doing something more enjoyable and you could be a happy healthy and wealthy non-smoker.