Breaking chains

The end goal of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to help the client overcome those inner obstacles, and in so doing, enabling you to live your as you imagine it to be.
Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is the art, and science of providing a subjective experience of a new reality which will in turn influence the current objective experience of reality.
Hypnosis is a science as it is governed by fixed parameters such as in physics, or chemistry, they are the Laws of the Mind.
These laws are interconnected, that is why you are already influencing everything you are aware of from your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing to someone else’s irrespective of whether that other person is physically present or not.
The moment you think a thought, you are exerting an influence, The extent of your influence will depend upon the level of thought invested in what you are thinking, and any other relevant thoughts.
Hypnosis is an art because there is an incalculable number of ways in which you can work with and alter your subjective reality.
The secret of successful self-hypnosis is in learning how to work with your thoughts. You choose what you want to experience and imagine that it is real for you right now.

You have been using your imagination your entire life, often unconsciously and unknowingly. Those people around you also helped in various ways they influenced how they think you should think and act and feel, and then you continued to make choices and created experiences which validated that perception of the world you accepted.
Over time you have built a feed-back loop of circular thinking you have a thought, then look for something in the external world to validate it. This then, in turn, reinforces that original thought, and the same pattern repeats, you are continually reinforcing your learned beliefs about your reality. Those beliefs then influence your experience of reality automatically.
So If you don’t like what you are experiencing you can do one of two things. Put up with it, or begin changing your thoughts by choosing what you want to experience for yourself and taking control of your mind.

If you don’t take control of your thinking, others will work hard to do it for you.
It begins with your parents who do have your best interests at heart, though they can only teach you what they have already learned. It then continues with schools and colleges whose interest in you is creating a socially-productive individual who is dependent upon the external world.
Companies are investing billions of pounds each year advertising because it is a wonderful way of hypnotizing people influencing thoughts and emotions and it works. When you keep reinforcing an idea through words, pictures, music, TV, and films, day in and day out it becomes so familiar we accept it as our own.

You can do the same, but for yourself by reinforcing your ideas of those things you want in your life. You are now the only person responsible for your life. Let go of the past and embrace your authority to create the life you’d enjoy living now.