Can hypnotherapy help me reduce pain?

Can hypnotherapy help me reduce pain? This is a question I hear often.
And the simple truth is that it makes a lot of sense.
Chronic pain which according to the NHS estimate that almost 48% of the population are living with Chronic Pain with 14% of people living with chronic pain that is either moderately or severely debilitating. The researchers used data from 19 studies, across 140,000 people. As this study was a systematic review and meta-analysis of existing data, the results are only as reliable as the initial studies. The results in the individual studies varied, which means the data may not be 100% accurate, however, this does give us an insight into the prevalence of chronic pain.

The results of the study:
• Prevalence of chronic pain ranged from 35% to 51% in individual studies.
• Prevalence of chronic pain increased with age. Ranging from 14.3% in younger adults to 62% for those over 65.
• 14% of people had chronic widespread pain.
• 8.2 8.9% of people had neuropathic pain.
• 5.4% of people had fibromyalgia.
• Women were more likely to suffer from chronic pain than men.

Pain quite literally takes over the lives of sufferers. Pain invades the thoughts and will severely impact the quality of life.

But what options do those living with Chronic pain have for managing symptoms?

Traditionally, big Pharma has been developing narcotics and encouraging GP’s to hand them out like smarties. But more and more, sufferers are looking for non-pharmacological treatment options and the one hitting the top of the list is hypnosis.

And it works.

There is a compelling body of evidence proving time and again the efficacy of hypnosis to numb, reduce, or even eliminate chronic pain, and that’s why hypnosis should be considered as a potential treatment for all types of pain: Chronic, acute, labour pains and surgical pain, to name just a few. I have successfully used hypnosis for physical pain management for the near amputation of a foot, fibromyalgia, dental pain, chemotherapy, and tattooing
Now, you might be wondering, why? How can something like hypnotherapy which relies heavily on the power of an individual’s imagination be effective for pain management?

Read on to learn more as I provide an in-depth explanation of pain, how it’s controlled by your brain, how hypnosis will help, and what the research says.