Client work

During my time working as a hypnotherapist, I have had clients present me with a broad range of issues and difficulties. I am very grateful to those clients because they have taught me more about what the individual can achieve than could ever be taught in a classroom. So, I have decided to document some of the more interesting client issues here.  I hope you find it as interesting to read as I did when reflecting on my notes.

When people find out I am a practising hypnotherapist, the questions always come thick and fast. Can you make me or my partner stop smoking? Can you cure my fear of (insert phobia here)? Then its “ Don’t look into his eyes” or I don’t trust anyone who can control my mind. Some religious groups consider what I do to be akin to witchcraft, and that I should be burned at the stake.

So to make life easy for both me and prospective clients, I have compiled these pages. It aims to answer most of the standard questions, in clear language, and at the same time dispel some of the negative ideas and beliefs about what hypnosis can and can’t do, which may answer many of the standard questions I am frequently asked, it may also open the door to many others, all of which I am happy to discuss and provide my own answer.

Before I begin let me explain that my approach is not conventional, it is far from it. I have had failures with some clients with absolutely no adverse ongoing effect. Which is one of the benefits of hypnotherapy, anyone rejecting hypnosis quite simply rejects it, it is as simple as a “no thank you” but on a subconscious level. You take nothing away from a hypnotherapy session that you don’t want or need, apart from maybe an interesting conversation that has cost you an hour of your time.

Warning My language can sometimes be described as colourful when relevant.  For example, a 6-foot paratrooper, who has been in combat, lost friends, and himself been the victim of life-changing injuries. Doesn’t want to be hugged and told everything will be fine, just look at my watch and relax, chances are I would end up on the wrong end of a right hook. So, I will always match and pace my language appropriate to the situation a client presents, I, therefore, make no apologies for telling it like it is these are real people with real lives, and no one has ever walked away from a therapy session telling me that what I said was inappropriate. If you continue to read, I must consider this warning accepted and understood


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