Extreme pain management

I am privileged to be able to share this story, and it is, without doubt, one of the proudest episodes of my career in hypnosis.
Camilla was a 19year old girl who had been driving along a narrow country lane, it was mid-afternoon andvisibility was excellent. I was on the same road, three or four minutes behind her.

When I arrived on the scene I could see that two cars had collided, one was on its side, the other, Camilla’s had rolled completely. Camilla had been pulled free by a local man and was in lying roadside in a state of complete panic due to the injuries to her foot. I stopped to offer what assistance I could.

Camilla’s foot had been sheared completely through the tibia and fibula with only a small amount of skin holding the foot to the leg, the bones were exposed, and she was bleeding heavily, panic and shock was very evident.

Previous to this event I had been reading about the work of two Scottish surgeons, a James Braid (1795 1860), James Esdaile, (18081859) both of these men had been experimenting with mesmerism and hypnosis for pain and anaesthesia. Esdale having performed many hundreds of surgeries on the eye using nothing more potent than a hypnotic suggestion.

The police and ambulance were on the way but it would take time due to the location. Nothing ventured nothing gained, I took hold of Camilla’s hand and told her in no uncertain terms that if she did everything I told her the pain would start to go away.

Consider her emotional state and what I had just said, this creates a massive emotional shift and focus of attention.


Again the mechanics of the process are unimportant, but within two minutes of hypnotic induction the following outcome:

Camilla had developed a calm demeanour was responding well to suggestion.

Over the next few minutes, I was able to deepen the trance and create full anaesthesia of the leg

Heart and pulse rate had returned to normal.

The blood flow had significantly reduced from the injury.

Camilla was having a lucid conversation and telling me about her previous years holiday.

The doctor arrived forty minutes later by air ambulance and took her to Wexham Park hospital where she made a full recovery and the foot was saved.

The more interesting aspects of this were that her heart rate had very quickly returned to normal during trance, her natural skin colour similarly returned, the most fascinating aspect was, however, the lack of blood. Camilla had significantly reduced the bleeding.

As I was told later such injuries are not necessarily life-threatening primarily it is because the victim panics the heart rate increases and starts pumping blood to the injury and out of the body.

Camilla made a full recovery, she remembers the crash but has no recollection of the trauma, there is no physical handicap but the possibility of rheumatics in later life.

My interest in hypnosis for pain management continues.

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