Hypnotherapy Costs & Fees

All sessions and treatment plans are tailored to the individual client and their presenting problem/problems. This is always best discussed on an individual basis.

Your first session is a discovery where we have a chance to meet and find the best way to resolve the problem/problems and to develop a plan. This will normally last an hour, it can be emotional, but it gives us both a clear understanding of hypnosis hypnotherapy and how it works.

We agree on a plan and you will be given a CD OR mp3 file of a twenty-minute relaxation programme.

An initial discovery session costs £30.00. this will be credited towards your first therapy session.

Individual therapy sessions going forward are charged at £60.00 per seventy-five minutes.

I work by the client, not the clock.

Any session taking longer than one hour fifteen minutes will be charged @ £10.00 per fifteen minutes overrun.

I do not offer Face Time, or Skype sessions. You deserve a personal service, and in my opinion, offering treatment remotely is Lazy, Greedy, and Disrespectful to the client, I will always make myself available for telephone calls.

Smoking cessation: This is a three-step programme, over three weeks, with a cost of £ 220.00
Your commitment is three hours and some self-monitoring.
My Guarantee is that by following my process if you fail to become a non-smoker I will refund %50 of my fee.

Concessions are available for all Service personnel presenting symptoms of PTSD.

£ 30 per 75-minute session with £ 15 per half-hour overrun.
I am under no obligation to disclose or report.

Ongoing sessions.  If there is a requirement for more than 4 sessions of treatment, from an ethical perspective we have to test the progress that has been made and the benefits of future treatments.
Future Costs will always be by mutual agreement.

Concessions are available for over 60’s.

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Why is Hypnotherapy Expensive?

It’s expensive because a good hypnotherapist has to undergo extensive training to be effective. Training is not a weekend course, it is a continual study based training that often requires many hours of background client work, which includes observation, reading, studying, supervision and continual professional development.

Despite its documented efficacy with many individual success stories, Hypnotherapy is still, unfortunately, not recognised as a therapy by the NHS, and is not funded or subsidised.

This means that a hypnotherapist is a private practitioner and we do not have the luxury of being able to work from subsidised surgeries or establishments that have a constant stream of patients. Most hypnotherapists have to work very hard to attract and keep up their client base.
The costs we incur building, promoting and maintaining a practice is entirely self-funded.

To discuss, or schedule an appointment

Telephone:  07876 192420

Or email me from my contact page.

If you leave a message please tell me your name, I aim to return calls within 6 hours.

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