Fascination Point


Fractination is going in and out a state repeatedly in order to reach deeper levels. In the case of hypnosis, this would be going in a relaxing hypnotic state, and then going in a state of being very much awake, and repeating that cycle to reach each time deeper and deeper relaxing states. These cycles can go very fast, one after the other. In a hypnosis session this means that a hypnotist, you would hypnotise a client several times one after the other, bringing them each time back in awake state.

Free Association

The spontaneous outpouring of associated ideas from the subconscious without any external censorship.

Free Floating Anxiety

A feeling of apprehension or dread that cannot be traced to any particular source.

Future Pacing

The process of mentally rehearsing oneself through some future situation to ensure the desired outcome will occur naturally and automatically.