Can hypnosis help you become a non-smoker?

There are many facts and figures bounced around about what is the best way to become a non-smoker. But consider this, whatever someone is promoting or advertising, whether it is nicotine patches, gum, acupuncture, vaping, or banging your head against a wall, they are selling a product or service and theirs will always be the best, because no-one in the history of advertising has ever said “please use my products or services they are really crap”, the one notable exception was the jewellery store owner  Gerald Ratner, and it didn’t work out too well for him.

A simple fact; If someone wants to become a non-smoker, is prepared to engage with a process, they are doing it for themselves and not because of emotional blackmail, they can.

Some studies have found that hypnosis is between 3 and 15 times more effective in helping people stop smoking than nicotine patches or gum, and 15 or 45 times more effective than trying to quit smoking cigarettes with willpower alone, depending on who was paying for the study, banging your head against a wall wasn’t part of the research.

Nicotine is not addictive, it is the habit that makes it challenging.

Have you seen how many people are taking five, six, seven, even fourteen-hour flights for a holiday? Planes are all non-smoking, so are we to assume that only non-smokers fly away on holiday.

Change your thinking, change your habit, its that simple, sorry kids can’t smoke on the plane all holidays are cancelled, or where do you want to go.
This is why Smoking cessation using hypnosis is so successful for the majority of people who want to stop smoking, and that’s why I offer a guarantee of sorts.

If using my system you are not free of your habit I will refund fifty per cent of my fee. Why only fifty per cent you may ask?

Because my time has value and overheads, and it is not ethical in my opinion to profit from failure.

So what to expect

First off a conversation

This is to help me understand your habit pattern
Much of smoking dependence is the mental and emotional attachment to a smoking routine. We discuss your daily routine and all the associations you have made with smoking.

Your previous attempts

We look at what has helped or not helped you in the past to tailor an approach specific to your needs. If you tried to stop previously then picked up smoking again, we will analyse that to understand why.

Nicotine addiction/dependence

We will discuss key points concerning the real effects of nicotine. And why the habit pattern is a much greater obstacle to quitting smoking than the belief that nicotine is addictive, I find that when a client really understanding what nicotine is and how it works you can discharge the smoking habit very easily.

What is hypnosis
A full explanation of what hypnosis is how it is created and what to expect. This includes a preemptive relaxation session, that requires no effort on your part, other than having to close your eyes and listen

During hypnosis
Hypnosis is profoundly relaxing. I guide you to into a meditative state, you are still aware of what’s going on around you. It was once described to me as “trance is like having a serious case of the can’t be bothered” you enter and maintain this highly relaxed state long enough to stimulate the parasympathetic relaxation response, which clears away stress, which most people agree is the best possible starting point for success.

The rest of the session depends on what you need to believe to achieve, your desired goal, of becoming a non-smoker.