Sleep the most natural thing you can do, So why is it so bloody difficult?

Getting this right will make such an immediate difference!
If you have read any of the other pages on my web/blog, you will be aware that habit is the root cause of so many problems. The internet is awash with homoeopathic and pharmaceutical remedies for insomnia, stuff to send you to sleep, stuff to keep you asleep, even stuff to keep you awake because the other stuff didn’t work.
Let’s dive under the Duvet and apply a little common sense. Sleep, its what your body needs to function well, and we have been doing it for thousands of years.

Back in the day, there were two alternatives daylight and dark time, humans have limited vision in the dark, and we learned the best course of action during dark time is, find somewhere safe, curl up and rest, let those with bigger teeth and better night vision do their thing. It was a process that worked well for us and the animals for thousands of years, I am not going to bore you with stuff about hormones, like melatonin and pineal glands and other stuff that will only confuse the issue. Because what I am about to say will in itself be sufficiently confusing.

Waking up, this is a habit, in fact, it’s a really good habit to have because it means you haven’t died, but so many people tell me they feel like death in the morning because they had a bad nights sleep. Hardly surprising when you look at the little blue, red, and green lights twinkling away in the dark while you are trying to nod off, but eventually you drop into the arms of Morpheus and sleep.

Ping three o’clock, eyes wide open and there you are a fully paid-up member of the wide-awake club. This is when you make the big mistake.
Remember we are humans not that far removed from monkeys and infinitely curious.
You cast your eyes to the heavens and it goes something like this.
You asked the question, so now you need an answer, you open the filing cabinet of your mind and start looking for answers. Am I worried about my job, the bank account, maybe its my promotion, or lack of it at work, the kids, their school, their exam results, will they go to university, is she or he having an affair, do they know about mine, and the questions keep on coming, but not one single answer.
If it sounds familiar don’t panic, millions of people go through the same process every night, and always with the same result a crappy nights sleep, leaving you tired, agitated, grumpy, and dreading the dark where the sleep Gestapo begin their nocturnal interrogations again.
What you are about to find out will cost you nothing other than a little time and some self-belief. The only result is learning how to sleep again.

What we want to achieve is a habit now we know that the subconscious is not judgmental it just follows instruction.

So with your eyes closed stare into the self-imposed blackness. What can you see?
What a ridiculous question you may ask but bear with me, focus and concentrate, white is an absence of colour but black is a collection of colours so what you are seeing is colours the more you stare the more you will become aware of the colours.
Once you have identified the colours look at what they are doing, are they moving, if so in what direction. Just keep staring into the darkness, if your thoughts begin to wander go back to the beginning. The key to success is to create a state of boredom so that the mind switches off, and this creates sleep.

Every time you wake up in the middle of the night go through the same process. Eventually, the habit is made and your subconscious will stop waking you up because all you do is send it back to sleep, it’s following your instructions.

If you find this method successful share it.
If you don’t understand it call me.
If it doesn’t work then there is something going on subconsciously, and I might be able to help with that.

Here are some other tips that may also help

Tinted glasses.
A pair of those yellow-tinted driving glasses in the evening at home. They reduce the blue light that stops melatonin getting to your eyes.
Create your mood
Tone it all down a bit. dim the lights and does your tv have a colour control then take it down a notch or two. And those fancy pants halogen lights turn them off if you can.
Turn your phone over and mute it
Simple but effective do you really need to know you have a free bet in a Russian online casino at three o’clock in the morning.
Decide on a cut off time for those items that show they are still alive with a little blue LED an hour before bedtime is great.
Your Charging Habits
If it needs charging then do it downstairs, not in your bedroom this also removes the temptation to scroll through Facebook to find out what cousin mary in Australia had on her porridge that morning, or play free games with no winners only you and you are paying with sleep.
Go to the dark side, the really, really dark side
It’s really important to maintain complete darkness throughout the night. If you still need a light on that serves no useful purpose when you are thirty-seven, I can help with that. Invest in a good pair of blackout curtains.